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When those first photos of Lippmann Happy Birthday (HB, for short) started making the rounds on the polish blogs, I kept saying to myself, “That would be really easy to dupe, and even improve upon, with the addition of holographic glitter…”

And after receiving several pleas for such a dupe once the Lippmann site had sold out, I embarked on a quest to locate some similar hexagonal glitter, as well as some smaller square glitter, to mimic the general appearance of HB.

Before setting out, I had a look at my inventory of polish to see what I could utilize “as-is.” (Turns out, polish that already contains glitter will best be able to sustain the addition of more glitter, and well, maximum glitter saturation is the goal…)

As luck would have it, Love My Nails, a line I have only been able to locate in certain (read: ginormous) Walmart locations, has several clear-based glitters, one of which,  “All That,” is mainly tiny purple and silver holographic square glitter.


Bingo. We have our base! Now, to find a ton of rainbow-hued hexagonal glitter. The pink glitter comes into play later.

I have a handful of discount beauty supply stores that I frequent. Each one carries different brands, a varied selection within each brand, and random nail art materials.  (I have even gone so far as to make a chart with a corresponding map to keep track of which store carries what. What? You’ve never done this? Did I also mention that I am the daughter of a German engineer? Well, in any case, if you ever find yourself in Little Saigon, looking for a specific polish, I’ll totally hook you up.)

I was able to acquire a vast array of diamond-shaped holographic glitter from one location, but since HB contains no diamond-shaped glitter, we’ll save that for another post. (Two of my variations of Ruby Red Slippers have this style of glitter, but I have already said too much.)

From another shop, I found purple and teal holographic hexagons, but no multi-colored variety. From yet another, a location I had long-since written off, due to its over-priced polish, I stumbled into a display that had an entire rainbow’s worth of holographic bar glitter. (Even black! So gorgeous layered over a solid black polish, but I digress. Again.)

What stopped me dead in my tracks was this little container:


(It is much smaller in person. 1 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches to be exact.)

This tiny jar of glitter held the building blocks for my project, since it embodied most of the colors used in the original. Orange is the only color missing, and frankly, no one will be missing it when all is said and done.

Once I started adding scoops, (I bought my measuring scoop from Aromaleigh) one at a time, and a few extra balls, for better mixing, I added a bit of another Love My Nails glitter, Pretty in Pink, to the mix. This seemed to balance out the warm-to-cool color ratio somewhat.

I played around with several different colors, sizes and shapes of holographic glitter, adding some here and a little more there.

Here is a group photo of the ingredients I experimented with:


(Simultaneously, I was trying to make a version that was by demand, er, request. Nixxy, of Nixxy’s Nails fame, has an allergy to formaldehyde/ formaldehyde resin, in addition to living in Australia, where certain polish brands are prohibitively expensive. All the base polish I used were f. and f. resin free to accommodate Nixxy’s allergy, and her custom versions have both more purple/blue glitter as well as silver holographic bar glitter in an attempt to replicate this in polish form. And, to avoid a nutsacking.)

Here is a bottle shot of my interpretation of Lippmann’s Happy Birthday, which I have been calling, “Hapy Birfday” but will gladly send a bottle to anyone who comes up with a better name (anything would be better than mine!) …just leave a comment with your suggestion, and an email addy, so I can contact the winner.


And a little closer…

hapy birfday close-up

I have yet to try this as a manicure, but I will post the pictures when I do.


What do you think? Is this a passable dupe for the $18 Lippmann?

(Feel free to contact me on MakeUpAlley if you can’t wait for Deb to get hers back in stock…I have some up for swap and am willing to customize the color combination, within reason.)(Please note: I do not have any orange glitter to add, nor will I be attempting to locate any. Hope this isn’t a deal-breaker. =D)

I will continue this series on my interpretations of another Lippmann- Ruby Red Slippers, as well as my version of OPI- Creme de Menthe. Stay tuned!



  1. YAY! your back!
    I missed you!
    and it rocks!
    I actually like your name for it, LOL

    • Aww, thanks, doll!<3
      I'm a bit of a spelling-nazi, so each time I type it, I have to go back and re-type it wrong, but it does make me smile. =D

      (I never really left, just wasn't inspired enough to write anything.
      And my nails had suffered some really bad breaks, so I was camera-shy)

  2. Stunning! I love it!!! Please post a pics of your nails with this on! I am so in love!
    ps – not that it needs it, but you could add ChG-Spellbound for the orange?

    • Thanks for the great suggestion, Laine! <3
      I never did see Spellbound in person, but if I end up admitting it would look better with orange, I will definitely hunt it down…=]

  3. Hi! I love this I think it is waaaaaay better than HB! I love the additional holographic glitter that you added. I would love to buy a bottle from you! I like this name too. But Waaayy Better could be a great name, too!

    • Thanks, Nessa!
      I think I might get a little too big for my britches if I start calling my polish, “Waaayy Better” but I’m glad you think it is worthy of such a name. =]
      I’ll send you an email about getting one to you- I am in the process of taking swatch pics, and loading and editing, but they’ll be up shortly. <3

  4. Looks gorgeous! Hapy Birfday is a neat name (I personally find it hilarious)…but you could always go with Bonne Fete or something of the like. Kinda lame…haha. I tried!

    • I am glad you like it! <3
      Nothing is lame about your idea, Shayla- I always wanted to learn French!
      (Took eleventy-billion years of German, instead.)

  5. Hmm, how about “Happy Un-birthday”? It’s similar, yet the opposite at the same time, plus a AIW reference. :)

    Nice job, BTW.

    • You know, I think you’re onto something… “Happy Un-Birthday” it is!
      It’s simple, straightforward and shouldn’t violate any of Ms. Lippmann’s copyrights…
      (And with AIW just around the corner…Johnny Depp can wear red contacts and orange wigs all he wants, he’s still drool-worthy!)

      I’ll send you an email to get your info so I can send you a bottle! Thank you for your help! <3

  6. Feliz Cumpleaños!

    • Love it, but I know I would spell it differently each and every time…=D
      (That, and I don’t know how to get the little tequila worm over the “n” on my keyboard!)

  7. Bother. I always forget to add my email. It’s

    And I think it should technically be a “Merry” Unbirthday, not happy, or even a “Very Merry Unbirthday”, if you want to get really technical.

  8. Finally! Monica is writing! <3

    I LOVE this! Oh my, it's so outrageous, just like the original (that I will never own). :D

    Today I, like I told you on twitter, will try out your Creme de Menthe dupe! I'm so curious about it I will put the Avon treatment on hold for another couple of days just because. :D (And I've been thinking about name ideas all morning, but came up with nothing! It's SO hard!)

    <3 <3 <3

    • I forgot to mention, Feline, you can use the Avon over polish, but it will only strengthen the nail it comes into contact with. =D

      • I have a secret plan. ;) Treatment to naked nails for one week. Then, I’ll just throw some on the cuticle area while wearing polishes. :D Thank you so much Mon! <3

  9. Heyy, if I were to buy this off of ya, how much do you think it would be?? I loved HB but it was too sheer for me. =]


    • Hey Annabelle! =D
      I usually ask $5 for a bottle- where would I be sending it?

  10. I would love to buy a bottle of Happy Birfday (I love the name, too!)

  11. Well now.
    THAT’s a franken I totally want.
    It transcedes fairy barf, this is angelic birf! AND you can spell!
    Can I buy one, too?

    I’m so tardy to the party on this (net connection had to be stopped for awhile) but holy crap that is a masterpiece of glitter-madness! Thank you for thinking of me :)
    And you are hereby pardoned from a nutsacking :D

  13. Just stumbled on the site but I’m inspired by your example. I’ll have to read back to see how you go about making your own dupes (has to be more complex than it sounds!) and experiment with my own!
    As for the name might I suggest Surprise Party?

  14. I am so flattered! Keep pushing the envelope– we must keep polish fun! I love what you did.


    happy holidays!

  15. Call it “Surprise Party!”. I think your creation is BETTER than “Happy Birthday”! Way cute! :]

  16. this polish is beautiful and i agree that it is wayyy better. How can you tell whether or not the polish will strip the glitter of its color? whenever i try to make a franken with glitter, I end up with a dull mess.

  17. Hello! I loved your Hapy Birfday! i tried to make it but didn’t found hexagonal glitter.I’m from Brazil. Please, can you sell it to me? Email me please:

  18. wow that is beautiful *o* actually i would call it Birthday Confetti, because all the hexagonal glitter reminds me of confetti fluttering down..btw, i quite like the pink base by self ^^

  19. That is awesome polish & would be interested in a bottle as well if you have any to sell!!

    It makes me thinks of Rainbows so Rainbow Bright would be cute or even Skittles or a spelling variation or HB ver. 2.0 :)

    I am not a member of MUA otherwise I would have contacted you there. In any event beautiful work you did with this polish!!!

  20. OMG that is so exciting! I can’t wait to see a swatch, I think it’ll be amazing.

    BTW, thank you for your recent comment! That is an AMAZING tip and I’m totally going to add an extra drop of topcoat over my confetti deco from now on. I know just what you mean by the “water droplet effect” but I never would have thought to try that! I have a few confetti types, stars, hearts and round ones and I can’t wait to put your advice in effect. It bugs me how sometimes the corners of confetti can catch on things or peel off so this will definitely be useful. Thanks again! :)

  21. I know that the polish-naming competition must have been long over by now, but I couldn’t resist the urge to share the two words that popped into my mind the moment my eyes laid sight on your franken: Psychedelic Studio.
    (… yes, really.)

    Anyhow, gorgeous job done! It’s like Happy Birthday, with CHEESE.

  22. What do you think about “Universo” (Italian for Universe). I think that’ll fit, ’cause it’s like all stars and planets in one bottle. I really like it :) It makes me think about the world too, if all people could be in peace, it’ll look like that :)

  23. Hi! Cool polish! How about “It’s My Birthday” or “My Birthday”? You could also just change the word birthday to B-Day. What do you think? Nice job on the glitter hunting. You really worked hard and it payed off. :)

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