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My younger sister, who lives in Louisiana, has worked as a make-up artist for MAC for at least 15 10 years, and had been a huge MAC devotee before that, ever since she first started spending all her babysitting money on make-up. So, as you can imagine, she has amassed quite a large collection of MAC cosmetics.

Last month, I celebrated my 36th birthday. For my birthday, my sister decided to surprise me with “some really old, but very cool, color-changing shades that she never wore because they were too sheer.” I was intrigued by the description, but didn’t want to get my hopes up…

This is what I saw when I opened the package. Okay, a pretty purple, a limey green…

* MAC box top

Hear that? That is the sound of my hopes exploding into fireworks! Hallelujah!


This is what I read on the bottom of the bottles, just to make sure the boxes weren’t toying with me.


They don’t look very sheer in the bottles, do they?


The color-change, as she put it, is evident only along the edges, or so it seems.


As it turns out, “sheer” is an understatement. Look at the 1st coat at the bottom of the swatch.


Ah, but after 4 coats, look at the depth, and duochrome-ability, as I put it. =]


I couldn’t choose which of the two to wear first, so I didn’t choose. I wore both!

* big thumb

Here is my big thumb, the way the polish looks most of the time. Except for the blurriness.


Turn a little, and you can see the amber side of the purple and the teal side of the green.


Here’s the rare double-sided duo, where the light hits both edges at the same time.

Not much more to say, other than…

Best. Birthday. EVER.

(Did I mention how much I love my sister? She is my best friend in the entire world and I’m not just saying that because she’s an enabler. She is THE enabler!)

Thanks, Kris! <3  I love you!  <3



  1. What great polish, and what a lovely, rare gift you have, both from a sister and in a sister! Your French manicure skills are to die for – that looks great, and I can’t believe how well you were able to (freehand?) that green accent line!

    • Thank you, Nicole! I agree- my sister is a doll and the best mom to my little niece, Sophie Jean. I aspire to be her when I grow up! <3

      Actually, I just used the lining brush from an empty bottle and do the "getting fingerprinted" method of rolling my finger while keeping the brush steady.
      (Check out my "french 101" post- I show a step-by-step tutorial on free-handing the french tip and the accent line. HTH!)

  2. OMG!!! Can we all say AWESOME at the same time???!!!

    I love these especially the green garter one, at first I thought it said green GATOR – I like that name much better!! lol

    • I have been told the collection was called “Snake Eyes” so the purple python, green garter, copper cobra and sinful serpent names all make much more sense, now!

      But “gator” is not that far off, in color and species, so we’ll let it go this time, Brooke! =D
      Glad you like it!

  3. I really love both of these colors and how they change colors depending on the lighting. Your nails look amazing too! I wish they would come out with it again!

    • TY!
      I would be right behind you in line, Grace, if they ever did! =]
      There are more colors that I don’t have and I can only imagine their beauty!

  4. Wow, your photos are excellent.
    Fantastic colours as well – four coats can be a headache but totally worth it! Yum.

  5. Wow these look fantastic :D

  6. Awww,you’re so sweet! I’m happy you enjoyed them so much:) How did you get the color so rich on the tip without it being an inch thicker than the rest of your nail? You are so very talented my sister!!! I love you! ( p.s., I’ve only been at MAC 10 years <3). Big hugs and kisses from Sophie Jean!!!!

    • They are really reflective, (even as sheer as they are) so when I hold my nails up to the sunlight, I can see through them, but as french tips, they hold their own!

      I updated the year, even though it seems much longer! I’ve been told this collection came out in 2000, so you must have just started when it premiered?!?
      I am so lucky you have kept them all these years, and in such great condition, too! =]

      <3 Big hugs and kisses right back at Lil' Miss Sophie Jean from her Tia Monica! <3

  7. How nice to have a sister. I’ve always wanted one. I have a brother but he isn’t interested in makeup and nail polish at all! Lucky you having a sister working for Mac. Happy Birthday by the way. I hope you can at least get the limited editions that you like! I missed out on Peppermint Patti. I gave up buying nail polish for Lent. I was crushed when I didn’t get it. Oh well. Your also lucky to have a neice. Wish my brother had children. I would love them so much. I’m getting maudlin now.

  8. Oh my goodness, you are TALENTED. And lucky, too. Your sister ROCKS. I love the artful application of these colors – I never would have thought to put them both on one nail… I am in awe of you!!! Nice work!!!!

    • Thanks, Kathleen!
      I just couldn’t choose one over the other…Sometimes indecision breeds creativity, right?

      By the way, “Emma Embellishes…” on Youtube is a fantastic set of tutorials and you already have tons of visits- great work!

  9. I’ve have meant to add you to my blog roll for ages! I have now and apologize for not doing it sooner! I love how you wore the polishes on your tips. Very gorgeous,indeed! By the way…I turn 36 in August! Happy Belated Birthday!

    • Thanks, Velvet! You reminded me of the very same thing- and now you’re on my blogroll, too!
      No worries! =]

      Happy early 36th Birthday to you, too! Woo-hoo! 30-something-year-old-nail-fanatics unite! <3

  10. Aww, I wish I had a sister like that! Or any sister at all for that matter. :D Almost have to wipe off one of those happy tears from my cheek, drinking my morning coffee here and reading your cute family love bombing. :D Sweet!


    • Hey Feline,
      You’re coming in at a good phase of our lives- it hasn’t always been this lovey dovey.
      We had monster kick-fights, yelling, boy-crazy-competition and frustration with each other for many years, and through thick and thin, forged this friendship.
      And since she is in Louisiana, on the other side of the country, raising a niece I have yet to meet, absence makes the heart grow much fonder…<3

  11. Wow, I would love my sister even more if she got me some of these! They are beautiful. And the french manicure…gorgeous! I want it.

    • Well, I would be kidding myself if I thought they were initially purchased for me- 10 years ago- but, since she knows how passionately I love my polish now,
      it was the most generous and thoughtful birthday gift I could imagine, from the best sister, and friend, I could ever want. <3
      (Can you tell I miss her?)


    Whoa – both of these polish’s are beautiful. What a lucky girl to have sister who would part with these for you.

    I would love to see what maybelline ‘water’ polish’s are supposed to look like. I picked up the Maybelline ‘Emerald Water’ to use in thinning out some of my polish from Maybelline made around the same time (hope it works). I should have my own swatch up soon that I did of this polish.

    As always your blog posts are great!I love your tips here, you did an awesome job, your close-up & macro photos are superb!

    • Thanks so much! Luckily, she is so busy with the facial make-up collections (and my niece) that the polish has been saved for her junkie sister…me!

      The Maybelline Waters are super sheer and do not ever reach opacity, but work well for gradation manicures on their own and over other polish.
      I like them over a silver glitter like ChG Tinsel for a bit of tinted sparkle without the “visible nail line.”

  13. I love those! I also have Python from a million years ago (been a MAC fan a long time hahaha!) and it rocks!

    • Ooooh, Kelly,
      I would love to see that one…is it the purple with blue flash?
      I bet it’s gorgeous!

  14. LOVE that french! You are awesome.

  15. omg i freaking love this!!! awesome :)

  16. I love the double french I did it this weekend!

  17. Wow! Those are amazing! I like the french you did as well, what an awesome sister you have (^.^*)

  18. Wow, that purple is gorgeous! I love it. I like that “gradient” it looks like the first coat is spray painted on, haha! And your nails are pretty.

  19. These are amazing. I wish Mac would bring them back.

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