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So, now that every polish brand is coming out with a matte collection, some much more expensive than others, in these tough economic times, what’s a polish junkie to do?

Enter my first giveaway– that’s what! (But, hurry, it ends Wednesday, June 3rd at 11:59pm PST.)

I was lucky enough to go on a polish shopping spree with the lovely Kathleen, owner of OC Nail Art, and her youngest daughter, Anna, but to top off a wonderful afternoon, at our last stop, we found these long discontinued Orly Satin Hues.

Now although these are not perfectly matte, that is, without shine whatsoever, they are very unique. The shades with a strong flash are unlike any of the mattes currently available, and from what I can tell from the promotional images, nothing like the mattes about to be released, either.

They most closely resemble the finish of the ManGlaze line, in that they have a bit of a sheen, but the best part is that they can be transformed with the addition of a topcoat. (I was testing the wear as a matte without topcoat, so I will have to update later with those results.)


satin gala– a deep burgundy

satin luxury– a plum

satin perfection– cornflower blue

satin society– pearl white


satin vision– a terra-cotta shade w/ slight shimmer (thought it was brown)
satin elite– a sheer peach w/ pink shimmer
satin attitude– a golden neutral w/ beige shimmer
abstract satin– an off-white w/ gold shimmer

satin finesse– deep cool-toned purple w/ purple shimmer
uniquely satin– a dusty blue w/ violet shimmer
satin illusion– a dusty blue w/ antique green shimmer
nouveau satin– a dusty purple w/ pink shimmer

Here, you see a manicure done with satin finesse, using satin illusion as an accent on ring fingers.


natural light- this seems to represent both colors in a bluer tone. You can really see the muted shine in this pic, not completely matte, but definitely not glossy.

with flash- now, the colors are a true representation of the actual shade.

At this angle, you can see the blue undertone of the green color.

Now, since these are discontinued, they are a bit hard to find, even on ebay. I just grabbed colors I thought I might like, but there were several more in shades of pink and coral, if I remember correctly.

Good neighbor giveaway

With the way the economy has gone, I know not everyone can afford to pick up the newest collection by this brand or that, and I want to do my little part to make someone’s day a bit brighter.

I would like to know if there is someone out there, someone you know who could use a pick-me-up. Someone who for whatever reason, is having a hard time, whether it be financially, emotionally, physically, you name it, and would just love to get a bottle of one of these discontinued colors.

If you wouldn’t mind telling me their story in the comment section, I would love hear it and to send the lucky winner a bottle of Satin Hues (in their choice of what colors are available) and the reader who refers the winner will also get their choice of color. (If you do not feel comfortable sharing in the comment section, please send me an email at wixology (at) gmail (dot) com.)

(My initial thought was to offer the Satin Finesse purple, but even I realize that purple is not everyone’s favorite, as evidenced by the number of bottles of that particular color available.)

To enter, tell me the story of someone you know who would love nothing more than to own a bottle of this hard-to-find, discontinued polish, but can’t justify that expense, for whatever reason.

Make sure to leave your email address, so I can contact you to get the mailing address of the winner and your own address, as well as the color choices for the both of you.

I would be thrilled to hear from my international readers also, and am happy to include all our friends from across either “pond.”

Thanks for your entry!

I look forward to hearing from you by Wednesday, June 3rd!

Stay tuned for next week’s post on two HTF MAC polish I received from my sister for my birthday!

Here’s a teaser pic:



  1. I have two of these Satin polishes myself, but I was just curious about where you got them from. I’d love to pick some of these up!

    • I am in southern California and found them at a beauty supply in Westminster. Which colors were you interested in?

      • I’m in the Los Angeles area.

        From your pictures, I’m loving abstract satin, uniquely satin, and satin illusion. They look gorgeous!

  2. wow it’s so nice of you to share something to your readers…
    thank you! and keep on blogging :)

    • Thank you!
      My readers give me so much joy and I just want to give something back!
      (That and I realize most people do not have access to all the beauty supply stores that I do!)
      Feel free to enter if you think of someone who would enjoy this unique polish!

  3. Those satin colours are sooo beautiful. And the MACS – wow, can’t wait to see them.

    That is a lovely idea for a give-away, how generous of you. I’d love to say that my boyfriend’s having a really hard time since his football team got relegated (sad I know) but he doesn’t wear polish (although he lives with someone who does…) and I think there are far more deserving people out there. I’ll have a little think about it.

    • From what little I know about your football, is it a safe guess that he was a Newcastle fan?
      My husband has been depressed, too, since he’s a huge fan of theirs.

      I should show you all the paraphernalia he has with the stripes/logo, everything from socks to jackets to bottles and golf sets?!?
      The only thing he doesn’t have is a “Wallbanger.” I draw the line at life-sized posters of players! =P

  4. Yep, definitely Newcastle. For his sins. I don’t allow football shirts or accessories in the house (maybe a coffee mug but that is all) as I feel I am exposed to it 24/7 as it is with the tv, radio etc.
    Anyway I’m going off topic a bit but it did make me smile to think there is another polish addict on the other side of the world living with an obsessed Newcastle fan!

  5. What a nice giveaway idea!
    I think this would be a great gift for my sister. She used to be really interested in beauty and makeup but these days she has been working so hard that she has been neglecting her self. And by that I don’t mean just her appearance-I feel she’s even starting to stop doing things the she loved the most. So I think that this little gift could remind her of taking better care of herself and that sometimes little things can make her happy :)

  6. Wow – these are really beautiful and from a line that I don’t usually think of as being ahead of the pack (Orly). Unfortunately, I’m the only nail polish addict I know. My friends don’t even do their nails so they definitely think I am insane.

    Good luck with the contest. Nice idea.

  7. i didn’t come to yell the story of someone…
    i just wanna say that i love how u write about things. i love nail polish,too… like everyone here i guess. actually this collection can’t be found in Thailand…so today i went out to buy ORLY Matte Top… to apply on my own shimmer nail polish and it is look great!!! not that matte like i see the image in KO ad. but it is not that gloss anymore.

  8. Wow, I like these better than the mattes. I can’t believe this is discontinued, where did you find them?

  9. Please, sell me all of them! I am fond of Satin Hues Orly products!

    Thank you,


  10. Od kilku lat jestem fanką lakierów ORLY SATIN HUEST . Niestety zniknely
    one z polskiego rynku .Jaka jest moliwosc zakupu

  11. I bought Satin Perfection #726 about 15 years ago. It’s the only nail color I have used in it’s entirity. Can’t find the color ANYWHERE! I’ll pay you for the product and the shipping :)

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