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This was my Easter manicure until I chipped it helping a friend move.

It’s all done using the OMG collection from China Glaze, with a couple of frankens thrown in for good measure.

right hand:
pinky to thumb: DV8, LOL, L8R G8R, QT, 2NITE

right hand easter mani

left hand:
thumb to pinky: IDK, “wixology-blend” grass green, GR8, “wixology-blend” royal blue, BFF

left hand easter mani

I did a mini-tutorial, around St. Patty’s Day on the Makeup Alley nail board, about how to make the green holo. The blue is the same idea, but with ChG Frostbite instead of ChG Outta Bounds.




  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Those colors look so pretty! Like colored foil :)

  3. Oh, wow – cute, cute, cuuutte! :D

  4. Looks like foil wrapped chocolate eggs! Very cute.

  5. I’m glad you like it! <3

    The whole OMG collection has such a gorgeous finish, and it’s not glittery, so you have a nice subtle metallic sheen. Of course, adding the dots make it a bit less subtle…=D

    Highly recommend any one of these shades (or any of the four OMG colors that I didn’t use!)

  6. It’s so cool!!! You are so talented.

    • Thanks, sis!
      I’m thrilled that you stopped by!
      Love ya <3

  7. Love your Easter mani! All the holo colors look great with the dots. Did you free hand the dots or did you use something to make them?

    • Oh, Penny,
      You flatter me! ;D
      I actually have a set of dotting tools, but just grabbed the closest pointy thing at my desk, a paper clip, and used it. I find that freehanding puts way too much polish into each dot, and it tends to spread, or take forever to dry. =]
      In hindsight, I would rather have made the dots smaller, like the pinky on my right hand, and more uniform overall, which would have been easy,
      had I used my dotting tools.

  8. Very cute!

  9. That is adorable. I love it :)

  10. I love the colors you used…absolutely beautiful!

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