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Those of you on Make-Up Alley might remember a lengthy product review for China Glaze’s Wireless Holographic topcoat that mentioned the various textures of the many holographic polishes as seen through the lens of a child’s toy called, “Eyeclops.”

This is the Eyeclops Bionicam:
eyeclops good

This is a new and improved version of the one I used for the review, but the gist of the Eyeclops is that it magnifies anything at 100, 200 and 400 times.  The original version, which I had purchased for one of the kids I watch, was hooked up to their 50-inch plasma television, displaying every minute detail in gorgeous clarity.

eyeclops full front

After the rocks, leaves and carpet fuzz had lost their novelty for the kids, I brought out my swatch wheels and was immediately transported into a tiny universe where holographic and prismatic are not interchangeable terms, and all glitter is not created equal.

eyeclops usb

This version, the Bionicam, is more like a super-magnifying digital camera with a video function, for capturing those pesky bugs without expecting them to hold still and USB memory stick, for transferring the photos and videos to the computer. It also has a nice large screen for previewing shots before taking the photo. (The previous version had no screen and no camera, video or otherwise.)

eyeclops video out

It still has a video-out port and cable for displaying the images on a television for a larger audience, but you are no longer tethered to the television by the cable.

If you are as curious about the world around us as I am, and would like to acquire an Eyeclops of your very own, I recommend and if you are also as frugal as I am, wait until Christmastime when it the price goes down to a mere fraction of its MSRP.

On to the close-ups:
First, we have China Glaze OMG at 100x magnification:
OMG 100

OMG at 200x:
OMG 200

OMG at 400x:
OMG 400

And now for a little glitz and glam in gold…OPI Thrills in Beverly Hills at 100x:

TIBH 100

OPI TiBH at 200x:

TIBH 200

OPI TiBH at 400x:

TIBH 400

I must apologize for the blurriness- when you are trying to hold a swatch wheel steady and a camera steady and use one of those fingers to push a button to take the picture at 400x magnification, even your pulse can cause enough movement to disrupt a clear shot.

These foil-y holographic shades are hard to capture, but this is a comparison of three I own.

Sally Hansen Nail Makeup in Crystal Ball at 400x:

Sally Hansen

China Glaze Sexagon at 400x:

sexagon 400

And last, but certainly not least, OPI Paris Couture for Sure at 400x:

PCFS 400

For those of us who propose that holographic colors should be called “prismatic,” I submit actual prismatic polish samples.

These have tiny little prisms that flash different colors independent of neighboring prisms, unlike the foil-finish polishes above, that have some color continuity from piece to piece. These prismatic polishes also usually have a rough finish due to the cubic nature of the light-refracting prisms, whereas the foil finish dries smooth.

Here we have OPI Text Me, Text You at 400x:

TMTY 400

And Orly‘s aptly named,  Prisma Gloss in silver at 400x:

(Siobhan at the Nailphile swatched this topcoat recently. It also comes in a gold version.)

ORLY prismatic

I know I could look at swatches of my polish all day, but since this is about you, I would like to know what polishes you would like to see.

I have plenty to choose from, so if you have a request, leave me a comment with the polish you’d like to see and at what magnification, and I will let you know if I have it. This way, multiple requests for the same color will be avoided once you have checked the comments for your choice.


If I do not happen to have your request, and you do have it, the easiest way I can think of is to send me a swatch on a piece of clear tape, covered in another piece of clear tape. (once it has dried, of course)

This could be done on a postcard with a larger third piece of clear packing tape covering it all. I can give better instructions, as well as email you my address if the need arises, so leave me your swatch requests in the comment section and we’ll get started! Enjoy!



  1. OMG, this is the coolest blog entry ever! (I’m so nerdy about science stuff!) I want to see all of my polishes under one of those things! I might have to get one! It’s so interesting!!!!

    How about something like ChG Flying Dragon?

    Or OOH! If you have them, I would love to see comparisons of OMG, Chanel Holographic and a Nfu Oh! I want to know why Nfu’s are so much more rainbow-y than the others!!!

  2. I have, and love, Flying Dragon, so that will be my first swatch- great idea! I’m guessing Blue Sparrow might be next!

    I would love to compare the Chanel to the Nfu-Oh, but unfortunately, I don’t have either…if someone can swatch it for me, I’d be glad to oblige…=]

  3. OH that is so COOL!!! :-)

  4. :O!!!! This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I want to live in the world of microscopic glitter. lol.

  5. Omg, this is SO cool!!! I mainly just want to see some more shimmers and glitters!

  6. This. Is. Amazing.

    I want one of those things -RIGHT NOW- !

    Not just for nail polish but for everything… I just discovered macro-mode on my camera, and that absolutely amazed me~ But this thing is soooooo cool!

    Now I have a better clarification to prismatic and holographic, I was calling them both the same thing.

    Please, don’t give up blogging, I will be interested in any future posts (about anything you have to say, really,)

    I plan on writing about you on my blog today, hope that ‘s okay, with you, and a link to your page/ this post.

    • That’s more than fine with me- that’s awesome! I am truly honored. =]

      Your feedback means so much, especially from a fellow blogger. You totally understand what it takes to do this.

      Also, the whole prismatic/holographic debate is tricky depending on how you describe textures, etc- this is just based on what I observed at 400 times magnification!

      If you don’t mind my adding you to my blogroll, would it be possible to know your first name? I just give a short description with the blogger’s first name only.

  7. wow! that is so wild. ^^

  8. talk about being unique! hot daym!

  9. OMG these pictures are just beautiful.

  10. Wow, this is so cool. Where do you get one of these things?

    I have a good challenge for you. Get an original and new version of My Private Jet and let’s see the difference!

    • Thanks, Danica!
      I got mine on for around $20, but my best advice is to wait for the holidays.
      (They went really low in price- under $15, and I waited too long, thinking they would come down further…)

      I will have to zoom in on the new and old formulation of My Private Jet- that’s a good idea!

  11. I so need one of those! I would drive DH nuts but that is so cool! Thank you! I would love to see the difference between ChG OMG, Kaleidescope and the OPI DS

  12. I just discovered you blog and I’m wowed…
    and seeing this post about the eyeclops 101 :o….
    I’d love to see Opi’s My Private Jet eyeclopsed(if there’s a proper name for that ^^) and then still dreaming about it owning the holo version one day….

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